Vaping Medical weed for anxiety

I have typically suffered from anxiety, however it has become worse as I have aged. It used to be difficult when it would flare up. I would practice superb breathing plus sometimes take medications. Then our anxiety got to the point that driving to work was a problem. I had to pull over because I felt a panic attack coming on. I would get black behind our eyes plus think sick. I didn’t want to start taking different pills or a higher dose. I decided to try medical marijuana instead. A lot of people use medical cannabis for anxiety relief, and getting the medical marijuana card was straightforward. I found a doctor that can supply medical marijuana prescriptions plus talked about our troubles for a while. I had to fill out some paperwork online, cough up the admin cost, plus then the people I was with and I got our cannabis card in the mail. I now have a prescription for cannabis oil plus marijuana flower. I am legally allowed to carry our medical weed in a suitcase plus take it with me. I love to smoke our cannabis through a vape. I enjoy that the vape hangs around our neck for simple convenience. It is unquestionably hidden plus not everyone realizes it is weed if they see it. I can take a few puffs just to calm down plus get back to normal. My employer has also been unquestionably supportive of our medical troubles plus allows myself and others to take smoke breaks.

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