Cancer treatments much easier thanks to medical cannabis

I remember several years ago when there was a big fight over whether medical cannabis was going to be legal in our state.

There was plenty of opposition to having a cannabis dispensary or legal weed stores in our state.

It didn’t have any direct effect on me at the time. But, I remember thinking how illogical it was that we could get what we wanted at a liquor store but not at a legal weed store. It just didn’t make any sense to me. However, legal cannabis did end up passing in our state and medical marijuana regulations were put in place. What a difference several years makes. Now, medical cannabis and access to it are of great importance to me. Had our state not allowed for legal weed stores and cannabis dispensaries to exist, my life would be much tougher. This is due to the fact that I was diagnosed with cancer. And, it was a rather aggressive form of cancer. The radiation and chemotherapy treatments are intense and so hard to deal with. However, medical cannabis is a bright spot. Using cannabis flower products allow me to live a more comfortable life while I am battling this situation. Medical cannabis helps me manage two tough results of the treatments I am receiving. First medical cannabis really helps with the nausea. It is able to allow me not to be just miserable. Additionally, cannabis flower products help me with my appetite. I just have to eat and eat well to give my body the strength to heal. I have a lot better chance of living a longer life thanks to medical cannabis.
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