Changing her mind about cannabis

My sibling had been a hater on cannabis for a truly long time.

We both sat through the speeches about the dangers of marijuana as girls.

While I found them just pointless and dumb, my sibling belived every word that was said. Even with all the news about the benefits of smoking marijuana and all the good it has done in the medical field, she wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t until my sibling became a medical marijuana patient that it changed her mind. At first my sibling was hesitant to go to the cannabis dispensary to fill her prescription. Thankfully she reached out to me and asked for me to support her. I suppose my sibling was picturing a seedy drug den with tattooed men with long hair that looked dirty. The cannabis dispensary was giant, new and truly clean. All the budtenders were scrub cut and truly comprehensionable. I even felt my sibling had a bit of a crush on the budtender that helped us out. The guy was unbelievable at talking my sibling through all the weird strains and the difference of flower vs oil. He proposed weird ways to smoke and provided up the smokers lounge for her to try out some things. It was a truly positive first experience for her. My sibling is no longer down on cannabis. Instead she is truly quick to defend cannabis since she is being helped by it annually. I suppose I could even see her now smoking weed recreationally after a bit of time. She certainly cares about feeling mellow after smoking.
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