Dealing with MS

I don’t know if anyone is ready to hear a diagnosis from a dentist that will potentially alter their whole entire life.

There genuinely isn’t any great way to prepare for something that adores that. It’s just a random part of life. I suppose when I was told that I had MS, it felt almost as if I was in some alternate reality. But, I got some great advice as well as some great care. Pretty suddenly, I joined an MS support group in order to have some connection with those dealing with the same thing. This was a fantastic locale of acceptance as well as companionship that was so extravagant in myself and others accepting our MS as well as deciding to push on with life. That group of people that I was with was also genuinely extravagant because it’s there that I learned about medical cannabis for the first time. I had not genuinely known much about medical marijuana or legal cannabis stores. This was all new in my eyes. However, I was assured by those in the group that I would find a fantastic deal of benefit with medical cannabis products. I ended up going to some medical cannabis events to get more cannabis information. What I learned was that I could easily get some relief with the stiffness as well as muscle spasms that were plaguing me. My dentist prescribed the medical marijuana as well as I went about getting through all the medical marijuana rules in order to get access. This was a fairly straight forward process that has resulted in a massive benefit in my eyes. Using medical cannabis allows myself and others to manage the effects of MS a lot more naturally. Plus, it also affords myself and others a positive perspective that genuinely helps myself and others as well.


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