Getting older peacefully with holistic health

Aging has been one of those things that has sort of terrified me for much of my life.

Logically, I know that getting older is just what happens.

It’s just how nature works. We grow to a certain point and then we begin to decay. It’s the decay that really freaked me out until recently thanks to recreational marijuana. It wasn’t that I was afraid so much about getting older when it comes to appearance. I think it had much more to do with the unknown and how getting older would actually effect me. It got pretty bad there for a while. If any change happened to my body, I was off to the doctor. When in fact, I was in relatively good health. And yet, I was certain that any new ache or pain was a dreadful indication that my time was up. A friend of mine noticed how twisted up I was getting about all this. She called one day and asked that I make a weekend available so she could come visit and stay the weekend. It was a weekend that would change my life. She brought with her some legal marijuana from a cannabis dispensary in our city. That first night she suggested that I try some recreational pot and showed me how to do it. My friend was sure to measure the amount of legal weed that I was ingesting. The last thing she wanted to do was for me to have too much. She did great. And I now have such a different perspective on my life. Aging is something that I am able to accept if not even embrace a bit.


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