Glad to have legal marijuana

Being in the seventies, I have seen quite the evolution when it comes to marijuana.

During my twenties, there was a lot of cannabis around where I lived.

However, it didn’t have a great rap. Most people my age were either into cannabis or were completely against it. There just really wasn’t any sort of in between. Unfortunately, I fell on the against it side. That had to do with a cultural bias that I ended up shedding several years later. It’s unfortunate because I often wonder if I would have made so many terrible decisions had I embraced cannabis earlier. Who knows really. And truthfully, it totally doesn’t matter because I lived my life the way I did. That changed when I got cancer. Well, everything changed when I got cancer. This was about 15 years ago. At the time, medical marijuana was just becoming available to people like me. I had a terrible time with nausea while I was receiving my treatments. So, my doctor strongly urged me to try cannabis or cannabis products to help with my appetite and my nausea. I gave in and my son took me to my first visit to a marijuana dispensary. It was quite an eye opening experience. My son helped me with the actual consumption of the medical marijuana. But it was the dedicated staff at the cannabis dispensary who fine tuned the hybrid strains of sativa that did the trick. Not only did it help me with the nausea tremendously, it changed me in other ways. I quickly had a different outlook on life. It was a perspective of hope and opportunity and man did I ever find it at just the right time.

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