Inflammation so much better with cannabis products

The body is a weird and wonderful thing.

It is so mysterious how the mind and body work in conjunction. Many of us have to deal with a body that doesn’t quite operate just the way we would life for it to. This is just a fact and something that I have had to personally accept. However, I spent plenty of years feeling victimised because I had to deal with an inflammatory condition. My condition was such that my body was literally attacking healthy tissue in some of my joints and other areas. Cannabis products have changed all that. The doctors I had seen most of my life just kept giving my more and stronger anti inflammatory prescriptions. They helped but the side effects weren’t good. After years and years of this routine, the side effects from the drugs were often worse than the pain from the inflammation. Fortunately, a dear friend bought me some CBD products to try. I was quite skeptical. Yet at that point, I was ready to try just about anything. The first time I tried the CBD products, I was able to sleep almost all the way through the night. It was clear that I was definitely on to something. Months later, after getting help on how to get my medical marijuana card, I was able to shop at a cannabis dispensary. Now, I am using vape products and my condition is the best it has been ever. Life is so much more fun now. I can move, sleep and engage in normal activities. I am so thankful for medical cannabis.
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