It’s pretty amazing to be able to try something new

Retirement isn’t truly anything like what I thought it would be.

I did end up in the particular area that my husband plus I wanted to live when both of us retired.

It’s just really depressing that he couldn’t join me. A few years prior to our retirement, he died all of a sudden. It was quite the ordeal to be honest. But, I carried on the way that I hoped he would expect me to. Right before I was able to retire, I got a big, female Lab. We honestly make a cool pair. Next, I sold the lake dwelling plus got a small bungalow near where both of us had planned to have a retirement house. From there it’s been one adventure after the next. The latest adventure has been an introduction to cannabis products. Where I am living at the moment, recreational marijuana is a legal enterprise. Anyone of legal age can easily head on down to the local cannabis spot to find the cannabis products of their choosing. I started doing daytime yoga plus one of the older guys there invited me to join him on a shopping trip to the cannabis dispensary. Of course I went because I pretty much say sure to everything at this point. He helped me to pick out some sativa strains he thought would be perfect for me. I was completely delighted to have him guide me as I absolutely had no idea in the slightest what I was doing. Then both of us made the choice to go back to my location, appreciated the sativa strain plus cooked a pretty tasty meal. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my entire life. That trip to the marijuana dispensary is one that I expect to make routine!

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