Legal cannabis is essential to my holistic approach

I will stand up and readily embrace the simple fact that legal cannabis has completely transformed my perspective and how I live my life.

It’s as though legal weed has given me a new chance at a profound lifestyle change.

I learned about the importance of legal cannabis by being open to giving it a try. My life previously was not one that I was very interested in continuing. Everything was a grind and life just seemed dismal and unfair. This led to a lot of anxiety and depression. And no matter what I was prescribed by western medicine, it just didn’t change the circumstances of my life. However, I wasn’t really doing the work. I just wanted to take a pill and make it all better. Unfortunately, that was not how it worked out for me. But thankfully, I found my way to legal cannabis and it changed everything. It’s weird how random events can have such a deep effect on your life. My wife pushed me to go to a highschool reunion. This was not something I wanted to do as I had very little interest. But I relented and went. There I came in contact with an old friend who had been experiencing much the same situation I was dealing with. We stayed in contact and he really helped me find the right people in my area to help with a holistic change. And much to my surprise that change came with using recreational marijuana. From the first dose, I felt a calm and peacefulness that simply reset how I felt about life. I was ready to do the work that was required to get to the root of the anxiety and hopelessness. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been nothing short of miraculous in some respects.

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