Treat yourself at the cannabis dispensary

I have spent a lot of my life wondering when exactly it was going to be my turn.

This may be the case for a lot of people.

But being a mom who dedicated her life to family, having it be my turn just wasn’t happening. Look, I have no regrets deciding to be a full time mom and raise my family while my husband enjoyed a career. Honestly, even knowing what I know now, I would probably choose to do it all over again. Yet with so much sacrifice, I just kept looking for a return. What I didn’t realize was it was only going to be my turn if I simply took my turn. I found this out on a weekend away with some old college friends. It was the first time I experimented with any sort of marijuana product. A friend of mine from those day is a recreational marijuana user. This was news to me. So when she offered all of some, I demured. That is until I witnessed some of the other ladies in the group having such a blast with the sativa strains being shared. So I gave it a shot. For me, there is no way I could ever inhale so that was out of the question. That was always a big turnoff for me when it came to recreational marijuana. But, there was some lovely cannabis edibles that my friend coached me on sampling. It was an epiphany of sorts. That marijuana edible changed the way I was seeing my life. I finally realized that it was up to me and no one else to treat me right.


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