Trying to live my life

It’s extremely tough to know that I got so consumed with things like job, money as well as all that.

  • This happened slowly I guess because I certainly didn’t see it coming.

It led to me blocking out so much of my life as well as relationships. I also ended up ignoring our health. The method that medical marijuana would help me right the ship is a real shocker to be real with you. But that is the facts of the matter. A substance I once associated with being extremely lazy or unambitious is now helping me get some relief from the results of our ignorance. Neither myself or our doctors can come up with much of a reason for the abrupt onset of the dire spasms I am experiencing. It’s like they just appeared as well as decided not to go anywhere else. The more I am learning about the mind body attached, the more I suppose it was a direct result of the way I was residing our life. However the medical cannabis is helping both relieve the spasms as well as help me readjust my daily life. Frankly, I was at war with myself. I felt as though I had to do what I was doing. Winning at all costs was something that I ignorantly believed in. Medical cannabis from the legal weed shop I use has helped me get a much more centered perspective. Making use of medical cannabis is helping repair me both physically as well as spiritually. It’s just such a shame it had to come to all this for me to commit to a more balanced lifestyle. My body was the single who finally put a stop to the destructive way that I was residing my average life.

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