Big time pot business is a big investment

I have been paying very close attention to the growth of legal marijuana and the subsequent legalization of marijuana cultivation.

While I am pro cannabis personally.

I’ve been watching this thing closely more from an investment aspect than any sort of personal benefit. Sure, I like to share cannabis with friends on a beautiful day. But really, that’s where it stops for me. I don’t have my own personal grow box or anything like that. However, I am a businessman by trade and that’s where my interest lay when considering pot farming. The reason is that I have connections to capital investors that could really take on a commercial grow op. I mean we’re talking about large scale grow rooms even warehouse size grow rooms. And there is a lot that goes into that. There is the grow room design, the grow room ventilation systems not to mention all the light rooms. It would be a big undertaking. So I’m at a point where I’m trying to connect a pot farming expert with those who can provide the capital expenditure to make a viable marijuana cultivation business. But there is a lot left for me to understand and the time to strike is growing near. States are really looking favorably on the tax revenue from large scale marijuana and that could lead to some competition and positive negotiations. But again, it’s ultimately going to come down to someone with the pot farming expertise who has an air tight scalable business model. Once I am able to identify that right grower, I think we will be ready to pull the trigger on a commercial grow op.


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