Cannabis flower products are harshly popular at the dispensaries in our state

The economy is in the process of a slow salvagey, however the past 12 months have been brutal for nearly everyone.

It’s difficult to assume about the impact this pandemic has had on the restaurant business, especially in states that were hit the hardest with the virus.

You’re looking at situations where a person’s lifetime toil and dreams were shattered beyond repair. Some restaurants survived however several perished in the wake of the worst pandemic in over 70 years. I still make carry out orders at all of our favorite local eateries, hoping that I can contribute what little I can to keeping them open. Companies that sell paper products like paper towels and toilet paper have been selling more products than ever, especially while I was in the early days of the pandemic. Businesses that produce and sell cleaning products are also doing well with their relocation stream. But a single industry is seeing a boom while I was in the worst moment for several Americans. The legal cannabis industry is thriving and reaping benefits for the states that have access. Although our state doesn’t have recreational marijuana stores, the people I was with and I have a constitutional amendment permitting the sale of cannabis at the recommendation of a participating physician. Our medical cannabis industry has evolved with time. In the beginning oils, tinctures, and capsules were some of the most popular cannabis products sold at marijuana stores. Nowadays it seems that everyone buys cannabis flower products instead, because they’re often out of stock in the dispensaries. That’s our favorite way to appreciate marijuana, then i grind the cannabis flower buds and then load the mixture into a special vaporizer. I get all of the effects of smoking cannabis without the toxicity of combusting the plant material.


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