Getting to the cannabis cafe makes my day

For sure, I am looking for just about anything that makes my day a bit brighter these days. This past year has been possibly the most trying of all the years I have been on earth. And that’s saying something because it’s not like it has been all green lights for me. Yet, the pandemic and all the fallout from it has just made for the worst of years for me. Thankfully, there is a cannabis cafe where I can still find a great deal of joy. It’s outside so I’m able to comply with the Covid protocols and be safe. It doesn’t matter the temperature, if there is a sunny day that I have a chance to go, you’ll find me at the cannabis cafe. And it’s a medium length walk from my house so I can even sample some of their wonderful edibles and not have to worry over driving. It’s just such a nice atmosphere there. The tables are spaced out well and the sunlight pours through the trees. Even the birds seem to be in a good mood. While it may be the cannabis products that has most of the patrons smiling, I just love being there. Even if I don’t buy an edible or any sort of cannabis product, I am always smiling when I’m at that place. There is a vibration there that I so need right now. It’s a feeling of joy and acceptance. Without doubt, it is my favorite local cannabis spot. And with the year we’ve all had, we could all use a nice trip down to the cannabis cafe.