I am so glad to have cannabis delivery in my life

Periodically in life to have something good gets even better.

Honestly, it doesn’t happen especially often to me.

So when it does, I celebrate it plus make sure that I supply my gratitude. Because just some good thing is a lovely thing. Yet getting that additional bonus can be a complete game changer. And that is what I am experiencing at the moment with the cannabis dispensary I typically frequent. They are finally offering cannabis delivery. That sound you hear is my jaw slamming against the floor. Talk about good things easily getting better. Cannabis delivery is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. It starts with the fact that there is even a local cannabis spot to begin with. I can’t tell you how long I have desired plus hoped to have a marijuana supplier someplace that I could easily get to. I have used recreational marijuana for for the longest time plus finding it was not especially easy. So when walking into a cannabis dispensary became a true reality, I was completely overcome with delighted joy. It had been a long, long wait plus the old times of scrounging up some dirt marijuana were completely over. Now, not only could I get marijuana for sale, I knew the THC content plus who the marijuana grower was. This was a major event for me. And then the local cannabis spot was able to bring another delightful surprise. I can now call in my order, cover the cost for it plus they will easily bring the cannabis to my door. It’s similar to pizza delivery on the moon. I honestly am not able to believe it. Like I said, when the good things actually get better, I get that much happier plus that much more grateful for everything in my life.


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