I can reach five legal recreational marijuana dispensaries on my bicycle

I decided to ride my bike more often after gas prices went up last year.

Even after the cost of oil leveled out months later, I kept up with my habits and started riding my bike all over my city.

It’s thrilling when you have the wind in your air and you’re flying down the road at 20 miles an hour. There are a number of parks in the area with paved trails for bikes as well. It’s really nice getting into nature after driving through a miniature metropolis. But I enjoy riding through city streets just as much for other reasons. It’s nice getting a chance to look at all of the stores and businesses that you zip by in your car without noticing. Looking around like this while you’re driving a car isn’t possible, so getting on my bike gives me this chance for a change. Typically if I only need a handful of groceries at any given moment, I jump on my bike instead of taking my car. It’s easier, cheaper, and better for my health. If I need to purchase cannabis, I always take my bike. There are no less than five legal recreational marijuana dispensaries close enough to my house that I can reach on my bike. Although two of them offer low quality cannabis, the other three are hard to choose from. They all have amazing marijuana, although the strains offered varies from store to store. It’s nice when one cannabis store has a sale because by the following week, another store will have a sale. If you swap marijuana dispensaries each trip you make, you can hit sales each time.

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