I smoked my first bowl with my dad

One of my favorite memories was at a live concert from AC/DC.

This was thirty years ago, they were still in their prime, and there was an entire arena filled with rabid fans.

It was magical, helped in no small part by the fact that this was one of my first concerts. I was only 15, had been to a few small shows, but my older friend scored tickets and we went. During the first song, I was already loving it, when I smelled something very odd. It was familiar, but I didn’t know what it was. It was cannabis, of course, someone around me secretly smoking a joint. That was the moment I realized my dad smoked cannabis out of his pipe on the back porch! Soon after that night, I approached my dad about smoking marijuana with him. I waited for the right moment, of course, when he was already out there getting high, halfway through his bowl of marjuana. I stepped to him, said that I had never smoked marijuana before but I wanted to try it, and I wanted to try it out with him. He got a little misty eyed at the thought, smoking my first bowl with him wasn’t much different than riding my first bike with him! In retrospect ,it wasn’t that great a quality of marijuana that my dad smoked ,but it was still the best bowl of them all. Every time I smoke cannabis, to this very day, I always compare it to that first bowl with Dad, and it always comes up a little short.


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