I want to talk about weed

My more than one preferred things to do in life are get high & run our mouth, so I decided to combine our passions & try to do a podcast. I would get ripped & go into long rants about whatever exactly was on our mind that morning… After doing a few, I realized I needed to eventually provide it more structure, & find a real topic to focus on, so I eventually decided to double down on the weed idea, & use that as the focus of the entire radio show. There are hundreds of topics to discuss ,there is a built in demographic market for it, & it would provide me an excuse to do bong rips while I recorded the episode. Each episode now starts with an agenda of topics to go through, while I am still off trying a new strain of cannabis for the first time & giving a real life in-the-moment review of it… You never suppose how a new kind of cannabis is going to personally hit you, so I am always raw & off-the-cuff with what it feels like, but at the same exact time I still stick to our list of topics, to keep myself focused while the marijuana quickly does it’s thing, but listeners are starting to respond, I suppose because I am being truly authentic, & I am always sentimental about what I talk about, & the high quality cannabis I smoke. I want to contact the owner of the cannabis dispensary where I honestly do most of our shopping & see if they want to sponsor me. I could work to promote the cannabis dispensary, & in return they could possibly hook me up with a fat discount!


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