I’m glad I decided to head over to the cannabis store

Who says an ancient pet can’t manage to learn up-to-date tricks. Well, this ancient pet is absolutely learning some enjoyable up-to-date things about life. And things that I truly thought I would never engage in. However, when I retired and moved to a state where they have marijuana business, I really had the desire to learn more about cannabis products. Actually, I always have had the desire to try recreational marijuana. But I didn’t for various reasons over the years. When I was young and in school, recreational marijuana was seriously prevalent among my peers. However, I was raised entirely straight and had bought into all the myths and fears regarding cannabis. Then, I fell in love with a remarkable lady who was actually against anything at all like recreational marijuana. In fact, in the 30 plus years I was married to her, I’m certain she never had a drink. This perspective is what informed the rest of my adult life. And it’s not that I’m complaining about anything. I had a fantastic family life and the two of us raised some adorable kids. Once my partner passed away at a relatively young age, I truly, legitimately missed her. However, I got on with my life and part of that was moving to an up-to-date state for retirement. Lo and behold, where I live there is a really nice recreational marijuana store. A neighbor of mine and I thought it would be nice to take a trip down to the cannabis dispensary to find out what it was all about. The folks there couldn’t have been more pleasant or accommodating. They gave me a good amount of information and asked me questions also. Finally, they recommended a hybrid strain and I chose to get a sample. The superb thing is that I don’t have to smoke it, but instead, I was able to pretty adore my first cannabis experience with an edible.