It’s a cool place for me

The first & only time I have ever left our own country was when I went up north to Canada.

I was with our cousin, & her wifey, & the lot of us were there for about a week.

It was great, I have to tell you, an absolutely amazing place to be with the friendliest people I ever met. Of course it wasn’t much different than here down here, but the little differences were all actually pleasant & certainly made me want to come back. On that trip, it was the first time I had ever seen a real legal cannabis dispensary. There it was, with signs, just the same as any other store in the strip mall, but to me it was more like seeing a magical unicorn for the first time! Down here trying to find marijuana of any kind is actually always a slog, & up there it is just available in the corner store, what a dream! I calmly walked over to the window & peered through, gawking, into the cannabis dispensary in town. My cousin asked me why I didn’t just go inside, & I didn’t suppose that I could manage it myself. Anyone can just go into a cannabis dispensary? She explained that without a valid Canadian ID card or a health care card I could not purchase the medicinal marijauna, but of course both of us could go in & look around. Turns out, they would sell me something called CBD oil in the vape pen. I had no clue what CBD oil was, but I still jumped at the opportunity to try some.

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