Lucky kids have no idea

I hate that I’m turning into our Mom these days, but I suppose I’m turning into our Mom.

  • I remember how she used to go on & on for hours when I was a teenager, saying “you kids don’t realize how straight-forward you have it!” Being a teenager, I thought she was crazy, because I mean, how could anyone in history had ever had it worse than me? That’s just what it means to be a teenager, everything is the worst ever, now the large shoe is on the other foot, & I am the one saying “you kids don’t suppose how straight-forward you have it!” What I sincerely keep to myself is the next part, “we didn’t have cannabis dispensaries way back when I was your age, both of us had to sneak around & buy it from nasty creeps who stared at your legs.” I don’t even suppose that our kids smoke cannabis at this point, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t, as straight-forward as it is to get the flower these days.

If I catch them with marijuana, I wouldn’t even say anything I would probably just pinch buds from their stash for myself. I appreciate the availability of cannabis & all of that jazz, but the prices are much higher than I’ve ever paid in our life. I honestly suppose that’s the flip side of the creep checking out your legs, at least he has good marijuana that he sells you for next to nothing. The dispensaries, instead, have some pretty amazing edibles, no creeps, & I don’t have to worry about the kids smelling me smoke out.

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