Muscle spasms eased with medical marijuana

It’s so strange to find yourself dealing with a health issue that nobody can seem to understand. It’s like the doctors can see what’s happening to me but they can’t give me a reason why it’s happening. Instead, they simply give me more prescriptions or up the dosage. After more than 2 years of dealing with daily muscle spasms, I decided that this approach just wasn’t enough for me. So I took my care more into my hands and added additional, natural treatments for dealing with the muscle spasms. This change led me to medical marijuana. I went to some cannabis events at a local medical marijuana dispensary. There I learned a lot and got more of a cannabis education. The more cannabis information I found, the more I realized that it could really help my muscle spasm problem. I found a doctor who prescribes medical marijuana and went through the process of how to get my medical marijuana card. Once that was complete, I went to the cannabis dispensary to get the cannabis products that would ultimately help me so much. I was met at the legal weed store by people that had a lot of expertise in medical cannabis. They were such a great resource. But it was also the compassion and understanding of what I was going through that made a difference. I can say that I am doing way, way better now that I am using medical cannabis products. The improvement has been steady and continues to progress. And, I am finding that there is real hope for me managing my muscle spasms with the help of medical marijuana.

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