My friend won’t buy legal marijuana products despite the availability

I’m visiting my friend for a week while helping him renovate his basement. Eventually he hopes to have a guest suite down there for his family members to stay in while they visit him on vacation. Even though he’s single, he lives in a tourist city near the water. Every year members of his extended family make excuses to visit him so they can go on vacation without paying for a hotel room. I’m not sure if he realizes that some of them are taking advantage of him, but there’s a chance he knows and doesn’t care. Why should it matter if he enjoys seeing them all? Living alone can be extremely lonely, so I can see why he would relish the familial visits. Although I was more than happy to simply help him renovate his basement without any strings attached, I was hoping he would offer to visit the legal marijuana dispensary while I was there. We used to smoke weed together in college but I guess he doesn’t use the plant anymore. Sadly, you have to be a resident of the state to purchase marijuana from the stores here. I can’t simply walk in and buy products off the shelf without a state issued ID card or proof of residency like an electric bill. Despite mentioning this to my friend, he didn’t offer to get marijuana for me while I stayed and helped him with his house. It was a lot of work and having fresh cannabis might have made the process slightly less grueling. I should have come straight out and asked him to visit the dispensary for me, but I didn’t want to be a pain either.

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