The first time I went inside a dispensary

The first and only time I have ever left my home country was when I went up north to Canada.

I was with my cousin, and his girlfriend, and we were there for about a week. It was great, I have to tell you, a truly amazing place with the friendliest people I ever met. Of course it wasn’t much different then down here, but the little differences were all really pleasant and made me want to come back. On that trip, it was the first time I had ever seen a legal cannabis dispensary. There it was, with signs, just like any other store in the strip mall, but to me it was like seeing a magical unicorn for the first time. Down here trying to find marijuana of any kind is always a slog, and up there it is just available in the corner store, what a dream! I walked over to the window and peered through, gawking, into the cannabis dispensary. My cousin asked me why I didn’t just go inside, and I didn’t think that I could. Anyone can just go into a cannabis dispensary? He explained that without a Canadian ID card or a health care card I could not purchase the medicinal marijauna, but we could go in and look around. They were all very friendly in there, and I learned that although I couldn’t buy any marijuana, they would sell me something called CBD oil in the vape pen. I had no idea what CBD oil was, but I still jumped at the chance to buy some.
Marijuana oils