The little town that cannabis built

When it comes to legalized weed, some places are just cooler than others. More liberal places got on board with medical marijuana years ago, and as you know it has been growing slowly from that point. To me it was never made to be a big deal. I lived in a small, rural town, a close knit community that was descended from a former commune of pot farming hippies. They weren’t cultists, just draft dodgers who set up shop here and started growing crops and raising families. Pretty cool, right? Now that medicinal cannabis is legal, and there are hundreds of dispensaries in the state, our little town is booming. We have been cultivating strains of cannabis for decades, across human generations, so not only do we have a huge volume of marijuana, but we have the highest quality as well. The town itself is booming, as several different farms have needed to expand in order to meet the new increased demand from national cannabis dispensaries who want to stock the best strains. The best part for me is that our community stays true to each other, and the various cannabis operations work together and not in competition. There is plenty of work, and money, and cannabis for all, so that makes for a peaceful and prosperous town! Now that no one has to worry about getting busted for growing marijuana, the crops have more that tripled in size with no signs of slowing down in sight. The future is looking pretty bright for the little town that cannabis built.
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