What happened to my free pre roll?

For the past six months, the cannabis dispensary that my friends as well as I visit have had a sale… They have had 10% off all drinks, edibles, as well as CBD products as well as they have also had $20 grams of shatter for months as well as months! My number one sale is every time you purchase more than $50 worth of cannabis products, you gain a free 1 gram pre roll with the purchase.

The sale has been going on for months as well as months.

It’s the biggest reason why I used the cannabis dispensary even though some strains are cheaper in other sites around town. I was legitimately surprised when I received my cannabis products from the delivery driver as well as the free pre-roll was not in the bag. My delivery driver was already back to the automobile as well as on her way down the driveway by the time I realized that my 1 gram pre-roll was not in the bag. I instantly contacted the cannabis dispensary as well as the budtender on the phone informed myself and others that the free pre-roll sale was no longer occurring. She told myself and others that was a Winter special, but now it’s Spring as well as the free pre-roll is no longer available. She told myself and others that the current sale was going to beginning on the 1st of next month as well as that would be a free ⅛ of weed with any concentrate purchase higher than $100. I suppose that is a absolutely fantastic deal on marijuana products too, but I am easily going to miss getting a free pre-roll with every order. I recognize it might be time to shop around for different prices, specials, as well as sales.


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