What I did for my cancer

When I first found out that I had brain cancer, I went through a whole cycle of emotions. I was in denial because I was sure someone had made a large mistake. I then became scared of what was happening next. Even though the doctor insisted the cancer was in its newest stage, I kept thinking of all the awful things I had heard about cancer. I didn’t want to lose my hair. I didn’t want to go through the pain and horrible times that go with the treatment. I didn’t want to die! I then began to accept the fact that I had cancer and I wanted to guess how to argument it. The doctor told me they were going to start with a small dose of radiation that would be able to kill the cancer. Then they would follow up with chemo. I wanted to guess if I was going to lose my hair? He admitted that most of his patients did experience hair loss and sporadically that hair loss was permanent. He also said that the loss of hair was better than the loss of my life. The worst portion of the chemo, and what people complained about most, was the nausea. He offered me a prescription for medical weed. He said it was the best way to stop the nausea and it would improve my appetite. I took the script home and looked up how to fill it. The people at the medical cannabis dispensary helped me to get my medical marijuana card. They filled my prescription and told me that if I needed anything, I should call them.

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