Building a better life with cannabis

True story, I met my wife when I first sold weed to her. We were both in college at the time, studying different things, and actually living in two different worlds. She was a sorority girl, slumming it to get some grass for an upcoming party. I was a working class bloke, in school with a scholarship, studying during the day, working at night, and selling a little weed for extra money. We clicked right away, and the rest, as they say, is history. I quit selling after we started dating, at her request, although I started selling again some years later when I opened my very first cannabis dispensary. Although I had stopped selling it, I had never stopped using cannabis, and now that the laws were changing I put my business management degree to good use and opened my own shop. My wife is very much about keeping up appearances, but surprisingly she is very proud to be married to a cannabis dispensary owner. She would never admit how we met, of course, not in public, but now that medical cannabis was legal, she saw this business as something to take pride in. Cannabis dispensaries are like pharmacies, and provide a valuable service to people in need. On a personal note, now my wife and I both have access to an array of the best marijuana this country has to offer, and we indulge quite often. My wife, my job, and my livelihood, have all been enhanced, and made a whole lot better because of me selling cannabis.