Cannabis products relieve arthritis pain

Aging is a lot less fun when you’re in pain. This is not news I’m sure but for me, it’s a fact I deal with the best that I can. I have pretty bad arthritis in my hands and knees. This makes life a lot tougher to live. And the older I get, the worse it seems to have gotten. I felt like it was time to try something different so I have gone for a more total and natural approach. Part of that approach involves the use of medical marijuana. I was young during the sixties and saw plenty of cannabis product all around. People were very free with cannabis products back then. However, I came from a very strict upbringing where any sort of cannabis flower product was forbidden. So I had a pretty jaded view of cannabis products until medical marijuana passed in my state. A good friend who decided to try it for her inflammatory pain had great results. This led me to get some cannabis information in order to better understand the options for myself. I went to a few cannabis events and decided that it was worth the marijuana regulations to get access to a cannabis dispensary. It’s been almost six months since I started with the cannabis flower products. Actually, it’s a vape product really. And I rarely have to take the heavy meds anymore because the medical cannabis relieves my pain. But it also allows for more mobility which helps reduce the arthritis as well. My kids laugh at me and my vape products. It is sort of ironic that this old lady is using cannabis products.

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