I am content using marijuana daily if I stay responsible

A friend of mine recently took three months off from drinking, then it was not court mandated, if that’s what you are thinking, nor did his spouse tell him to do it, but he simply realized that his drinking had been getting steadily out of hand. He didn’t want to quit drinking for good, but he also didn’t want to become an alcoholic, so he selected a dry phase of 90 afternoons. And by his reasoning, if he couldn’t go 90 afternoons without a drink then he was already a full fledged alcoholic. I am ecstatic for him and all, but now he has the audacity to say I should take 90 afternoons off from using cannabis. He’s not wrong in saying that I smoke a lot of marijuana, although I just don’t see how it’s his business. I work a great task, I spend money on our bills and meet all our responsibilities and stay out of trouble with the law so why shouldn’t I smoke as much cannabis as I want and can afford? Unlike alcohol, which causes irreversible injuries to your liver and other organs, cannabis has no proven long term health effects at all. The medicinal qualities of cannabis far outweigh the disadvantages, although if I’m being honest I just prefer getting blazed sometimes. The medicinal qualities of marijuana are just great to bring up in fights with people. I am just going to take a little distance from this friend for a while, let him get his judgments out of his system, because me and cannabis get along great and I’m not about to break up with our sweet Mary Jane for anyone.
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