Some added clarity & less anxiety for Alzheimer patient

My mom always warned me against the dangers of cannabis products.

She was of a generation where marijuana was viewed as mind altering & a sure ticket to addiction & prison.

Wow, how times have changed. Now, our mother is getting help with her Alzheimer symptoms with the aid of those absolutely same cannabis products she warned me about. What’s even more interesting is that she legitimately enjoys her cannabis gummies. Occasionally she knows that the cannabis gummies are medical marijuana & other times she doesn’t. But the fact that the medical cannabis has been so effective is all that I legitimately care about. Prior to the medical cannabis, when mom would get disoriented, she would get absolutely frightened. Once she started the cannabis products, that anxiousness & fear were greatly, greatly diminished. And they were replaced with a sense of calm & even being a bit upbeat as well. Additionally, the medical marijuana appears to give her longer episodes of clarity. Like she’s with us longer than she was prior to her taking the cannabis gummies. Each extra few moments when she is there with us in the moment is a gift. This is another reason I am so thankful to see the medical marijuana benefits for our mom. Just any amount of comfort & less stress is something that our mom deserves. I hate that her life is ending love this. It just seems so spectacularly unfair given how kind a person she had been. But the fact that medical cannabis can ease her through this final struggle is a blessing for sure.

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