There’s a brand new recreational cannabis store that just opened near me

When our state was unveiling their recreational cannabis program, I thought that we would get a fantastic selection of dispensaries in every city.

Not only were the stores limited in quantity at first, but the quality across the board has been disappointing since day one. I remember how bad the marijuana flower was before there was more competition in the state. It was full of too many stems, seeds, and dried fan leaves that should be cut and removed before the flower buds are packaged and sold. I couldn’t believe that this company was trying to charge high prices for this abysmal marijuana flower. But when I visited a different dispensary down the road, the quality wasn’t different—the cannabis edibles were weak and stale, the tinctures didn’t seem to work, and the marijuana oils had low THC percentages. Thankfully there’s a brand new recreational cannabis store that just opened near me. It’s a five minute drive in my car and they always have a good selection of various cannabis products. I’m impressed by the quality of their marijuana flower, which is always fresh and strong. I’d rather purchase cannabis products that are a little stronger, because that way I can use less cannabis when I medicate. When I’m getting inhalation products like flower buds, vape cartridges, and concentrates, it’s better to have a product that’s strong and only requires one or two hits to get the necessary dosage. Some people think that restricting THC content is a good thing at a legislative level, but it will only require cannabis users to waste more money and use more cannabis in the process.
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