Each week there is something new to add to the selection

I love being very close to the shops near the coastline.

  • When I moved to the Beachside, I was easily distraught that I would be traveling multiple minutes to go downtown just for gas or food supplies.

Luckily the small Beachside Community has just about anything that we could possibly need. The area has diners, restaurants, clothing stores, as well as foods from all over the country. There is a small grocery store with two gas stations in the pharmacy. Although I rarely go to town unless visiting a Supercenter, I find myself lucky to shop just down the corner from the beach condo. I tried to ride my bicycle if I have enough time and the energy to take the bag right back to the beach Loft. One of the best parts about that beach condo is that the cannabis dispensary happens to be in the same exact mall as a grocery store. Somebody was thinking about the munchies at that time. This state took lots of time to get us legal cannabis. It is legal for lots of people to buy medical marijuana as long as it is a licensed dispensary. You have to have a doctor recommendation. I do, so I get to visit the dispensary a couple of times every week for teachers, marijuana flower, and also oil. The dispensaries has a surprise marijuana product each week and we never know what is going to be on sale. It’s hard to beat the convenience of the cannabis dispensary and also they’re amazingly large selection.



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