Growing decorative cacti from seeds can be challenging

I’m trying to grow decorative cacti from seeds right now and it’s not the easiest process.

You have to keep the seeds in a closed environment for the first few weeks before they’ll germinate.

Before you close the container, you have to sterilize the soil so it doesn’t grow mold while the seeds slowly germinate. Unfortunately, this calls for using a microwave or a pressure cooker. Once the bag is closed, a steady temperature in the 70s needs to be maintained or the plants cannot root and grow. Once the cacti have sprouted roots, they also need to stay at temperatures above freezing otherwise they will die. Outdoor temperatures have a huge effect on how plants live and grow. Some years our citrus crops see huge shortages if there are too many days with cold temperatures in the southern states where oranges, lemons, and grapefruit are grown. Cannabis is highly affected by the outdoor weather conditions if it isn’t grown indoors. That’s why a lot of marijuana growers in the north opt to grow their plants inside because that way they can control every single aspect of the plant’s growth cycle. If a cannabis plant is in cold temperatures during certain periods of its flowering stage, the plant will use up extra phosphorus and can become deficient. This leads to the plant’s stems and leaves becoming purple in color. There are ways to reverse this effect and reintroduce healthy phosphorus levels before the plant is finally harvested. Although some strains of cannabis naturally have purple spots in their flower buds, plants that become purple from phosphorus deficiency are inherently unhealthy and need to be addressed instantly.
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