I don’t know about this HVAC stuff

On Tuesday day, I gained an emergency assistance call suddenly from the manager of a marijuana clinic.

The marijuana clinic is on the far other side of town, however both of us repair the entire tri-valley area.

The marijuana clinic manager easily was frustrated because the UV air purifier in the lobby was not working at all. The sales manager called me, because our Heating as well as A/C business is the corporation that had set up the UV air purifier in the lobby. The people I was with and I repair the commercial UV air purifier quarterly, although I tell all of the customers to call if there is a real concern or an emergency. When the UV air purifier stopped running that afternoon, the manager quickly called for assistance. I promptly sent one of our maintenance specialists over to the marijuana clinic to quickly check on the equipment. It only took a few minutes for the maintenance specialist to easily realize that the UV air purifier was uncongested. Strangely enough, the manager never once checked to see if the unit was getting power. I hated to charge them for a repair call that day, however our tech had to drive 30 minutes to go to the task. After the indoor air specialist left, the manager of the marijuana dispensary called to say thank you. A lot of customers call a professional even if they might be able to fix the problem. Heating as well as modern A/C units can be tricky as well as problematic, however this is why both of us offer such amazing repair contracts with all of our rental equipment.



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