I gave cannabis a try for my anxiety

I have had mixed results with pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for mental health issues.

I had chronic depression in college and took an antidepressant medication at the time that wasn’t as effective as I was hoping it would be.

However, when I was given anxiety meds when I was taking care of a newborn for the first time ever, they were very helpful. I credit my sanity during that period to the medication that my family doctor prescribed for me. And since my work life got easier as time went on, I quit taking the medication once I stopped needing it. However, this only lasted for so long. Eventually the two of us had more children, my job got harder, and the stress and anxiety returned. This time the anxiety medicine only worked to make me feel tired and did little to curb my extreme mental health issues. On a whim I decided to give cannabis a try when a close friend urged me to take a single puff off a joint they were smoking while I was visiting at their house. It immediately calmed me down and relaxed my mind in a way that no other drug had managed to up to that point in time. I was absolutely awestruck with how much of a positive effect the cannabis was having on my mental state so I decided to visit the dispensary to get some cannabis for myself. Thankfully the kind budtender at the dispensary directed me to various different cannabis indica strains that are fantastic for anxiety and stress. Now I use my cannabis vaporizer whenever I’m feeling paralyzed by my mental health issues. It’s helping me function in an otherwise tied up and hectic work schedule and home life. I think that my spouse has observed the positive changes and is ecstatic that I’m finally getting relief through using cannabis.



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