I got 25% off my first time purchase

I wanted to stop at a cannabis shop on my way out of town last night, but I ran out of time and the shop was closed by the time I left my apartment. This particular cannabis shop has the best prices and service, but they are only open until 7pm during the week. I knew it was going to be hard to get to the shop before it was closed, but I tried. I drove to my destination and checked into a hotel. It was close to midnight, but I was happily surprised to see an open cannabis dispensary a few blocks away from the hotel location. I threw my bags and my shoes into the room and I quickly drove back to the dispensary. I found out that they were actually open until 1am. I didn’t even need to rush around when making an order. I took my time and the budtender helped me find the right strains. Since it was my first time in the dispensary, I received 25% off my first purchase. I didn’t want to waste the right here discount, so I grabbed a couple of different cannabis items from the shop. I bought a 1 gram disposable vape pen, a bag of peanut butter cookies infused with CBD, CBN, and THC, a 10mg THC lemonade drink, and several different pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The budtender helped me pick out a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette that was infused with distillate and rolled in kief. It had a total THC percentage of 43. I barely finished the half gram joint on my own.


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