I quit buying blue dream after getting a batch that gave me anxiety

It’s not easy growing up in today’s world with a biological propensity for anxiety.

Since life gets increasingly more fast paced for each successive generation, ubiquitous facets of daily life can be paralyzing for those who have the genetics for anxiety and other mental health problems.

Many people in my family succumbed to alcoholism over the years as a form of self-medicating. Thankfully there are a lot more options available these days for people who need the help. I started getting therapy in high school for my chronic anxiety. With the help of my great therapist, I determined that I was experiencing social anxiety in some of my earliest childhood memories when I was in public with my parents. It then became clear that I was dealing with a problem as biologically driven as my father’s kidney disease. I have used marijuana to treat my anxiety with great effects, but I have to be careful about what strains I use. Some cannabis sativa strains are too mentally stimulating and will make my anxiety problems worse. That’s why I usually find balanced hybrid strains or slightly sedating indica strains. Blue dream is an interesting hybrid because some phenotypes exhibit traits consistent with both indicas and sativas. I’ve had some batches that were satisfyingly calming, with others that made my mind race. After the last batch gave me severe anxiety, I decided to quit buying blue dream altogether. There are plenty of other marijuana strains that won’t affect me like this, especially when you have access to more than one dispensary. My city alone has five different cannabis dispensaries open for recreational use.

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