I’m not sure what this guy was smoking

I guess it is a wonderful system to supply someone a new chance to learn a current job, but why does it consistently have to affect our day to day.

  • This afternoon, I went to the gas station for fuel and pretzels.

I used our usual card at the pump and I walked inside to chance up some chips and a soda. I waited in line for 15, because the cashier was on his first day of the job. It was taking a genuinely long time to slowly ring in all of the separate orders and the employer was trying to help instead of just opening another register. The line was 8 people deep when I thought about walking right out of the store. Since I was already in the line, I decided to wait, and later, our boss made myself and others help the current guy finish with his work. That night, I stopped at a cannabis shop to snag up some supplies. The cannabis budtender was not genuinely helpful or expertiseable. The local cannabis budtender did not guess the difference between an indica and a sativa. I am not a dedicated budtender and I have not studied a lot of cannabis education, but I can tell you the difference between an indica and a sativa. I was trying to find something that might help myself and others sleep at night, but the budtender was no help at all. I’ll try to find something current then.