Indica strains are great for unwinding after a long day of work

While my dad faced cuts to his hours over the past year, my job has gotten harder.

I am a broker for an insurance company and they’re constantly increasing my number of clients whenever I get comfortable with my quotas.

It’s hard to improve when someone is raising the bar on you every month. Still, the additional hours have made me more financially stable than I have ever been up to this point in my life. I have managed to pay off all of my students debt and most of my credit card debt as well. I also spend all of my time out of work pursuing my hobbies, like kayaking, rollerblading, and photography. It’s nice having the disposable income to spend on your hobbies. When I want to relax after a long day of work, I don’t feel bad about smoking high quality marijuana flower from the cannabis dispensary. I usually buy the more sedating indica strains because they calm me down whereas sativas can get my brain racing easily. Since the cannabis dispensaries often have a huge selection of strains in each category, I can walk out with four or five different indicas with subtle differences in the overall effects. With my disposable income, I can also afford top shelf strains that measure out with over 30% THC. Sometimes I splurge and get a cannabis concentrate, usually cannabis distillate oil or live rosin. If I’m going to work this many hours, I don’t feel bad about spending a little bit of money on the things that keep me satisfied and happy in my life.

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