My Dad was right outside the cannabis shop on Sunday afternoon

My Dad has been in a particularly killer mood over the last couple of weeks, but i told my sister Pat that something is very odd in addition to new, even though she didn’t believe me, and my Dad has been feeling a little depressed in addition to I’m concerned since my dad died, then lately, she has been a lot more outgoing in addition to sociable; She went to play some bingo with a couple of friends last Weekend.

My Dad has not left the apartment to play Bingo since my dad died.

I called my sister Pat in addition to I told her that something is absolutely odd about Mom. Pat still thought I was crazy, however now I really know it is true, on Sunday afternoon, I saw my mom’s car parked right outside the cannabis shop. I usually go to work on Sunday, but I had an appointment with my new dentist, then the new dentist is right across the street from the cannabis shop. I pulled into the parking lot then I saw my mom’s car across the street, however at first, I thought I was mistaken. Instead of getting out of the car to go into the dentist, I decided to drive across the street to see if it was really my mom’s car! When I saw the red sticker in the corner of the window, I 100% for sure knew it was my mom’s car parked at the cannabis shop. It’s no wonder my Dad has been in such a fantastic mood lately. I am so glad that she has taken some proactive steps to recognize better in addition to being more mentally fit. I am not going to share the information with my sister Pat. My Dad can tell her when she chooses.

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