My favorite cannabis dispensary unveils new marijuana products each month

I love being so close to dozens of little shops along the coastline.

When I moved to a beachside condominium, I worried that I’d have to travel 10 minutes to get downtown if I needed gas or groceries.

Thankfully, this small little beachside community has everything you can possibly need. There are clothing stores, restaurants with food from all over the world, two gas stations, a pharmacy, and a small grocery store. Although I will go into town if I need to visit a supercenter, I am fortunate to do most of my shopping right down the street from my condo. Half of the time I ride my bicycle if I know that I will only have a few bags to take home with me. Best of all, we even have a cannabis dispensary in the same strip mall as the grocery store. The state took a lot longer than other areas in the country to get any form of legal cannabis. Right now it is legal for anyone to buy marijuana from a licensed dispensary if they have a recommendation for a licensed physician. I visit the cannabis dispensary at least twice each month to get tinctures, oils, and marijuana flower products. I love it when the dispensary unveils new marijauana products each month, usually with new strains that are variations on existing ones. Even though there are two other cannabis dispensaries in our county, the one down the road from my condo is still my favorite. It’s hard to beat their selection and the pure convenience of the location.



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