My nurse commanded I try medical marijuana.

I studied the paper while I was heading home as well as I asked my partner what she thought

I have had extreme rheumatoid arthritis for years, which means I have superb afternoons as well as poor afternoons. My poorest afternoons have gotten frequent to the point where they greatly outnumber the superb afternoons. Even with the strange medicines that I have been taking for my arthritis, I can barely use my hands to feed myself. I seem to have been relying on my walker more than normally, as well as I had to use a single of those electric wheelchairs in the grocery store. I was talking to my nurse as well as told him I didn’t need people viewing myself and others as handicapped. I could deal with the ache if I had to, however the medicine I was taking wasn’t helping. She just stared at myself and others as well as then she took my hands as well as looked at them. She wrote down the name of her nurse who could help myself and others get a medical marijuana card so I could buy marijuana. She said she had heard there were a lot of benefits in using marijuana. She didn’t assume if it could reverse any of the damage already done by rheumatoid arthritis, however it could ease the pain as well as help myself and others to transport around a bit easier. I tucked the number in my billfold as well as left her office. I studied the paper while I was heading home as well as I asked my partner what she thought. In lieu of making comments, she told myself and others to call the number as well as set the appointment. Two weeks later, the people I was with and I were in the legal marijuana dispensary asking about the strange medical marijuana products the people I was with and I might purchase. I wasn’t sure how much marijuana was going to help me, even though I was ready to find out.


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