No one was wearing a mask at the dispensary

This week was really long and boring.

It rained nearly every single day and the sky was dark and cloudy.

It is this type of weather that can be very depressing. I hate sitting in the house all day and it makes me feel sad. On Thursday, there was a short break in the rain so I decided to go to the local pot dispensary to stock up. It was payday and I had my eye on a couple of items. I stopped at the bank to withdraw $300 from the ATM. Last week, the ATM at the pot shop was broken. The pot shop only takes cash, so I stopped at the bank on my way to the dispensary. I walked in the front door and there were a couple of people in the lobby. Two of the guys did not have a mask on your face. I tried to stay on the other side of the room. When the lady at the front desk called my name, I walked through the locked door to the back area where all of the marijuana products are located. The budtender behind the counter didn’t have a mask over her nose. I looked around the room and several additional budtenders were incorrectly wearing their masks. I didn’t want to get sick at the pot shop, so I carefully covered my face and ordered my supplies. As soon as I was done, I backed up and waited for the budtender to fill my order. I was surprised that the staff was being so careless with the CDC guidelines. Everyone knows the masks can protect us from getting sick.


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