The dispensary budtender gave me something new to try

I suffer from terrible anxiety and depression. I have suffered from these problems since I can remember. Even in high school, I struggled to find good mental balance. My mom and dad took me to the therapist to talk about my feelings and they put me on prescription drugs that made me feel tired and drowsy. I spent most of my teenage years in trouble. After high school, I moved away from home and found a job working in a factory. That’s when I met Brian. Brian is one of my best friends. He introduced me to marijuana. Before I met Brian, I never used marijuana even once in my life. Brian suffers from anxiety and depression as well, but he does not take prescription medications to help with the problem. Instead, he uses medical marijuana to deal with the problems. I used marijuana with Brian one time after work and I felt great. I didn’t have any bad side effects and I didn’t feel any anxiety for hours. I slept better last night than I have in years. Shortly after that, I started using marijuana every day. Now I live in a state where it is fully legal for recreational use and medical use. The prices are reasonable and each dispensary has different products. Last week, the budtender gave me something new to try. It’s a candy gummy with 20mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. I really enjoyed the long lasting effects from the edible and it tasted pretty good too. I’m going to buy a whole package next time I am in the store.


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