The dispensary budtender was so friendly

My bestie Pat in addition to myself went to the coast for a week of trip.

Pat and I were happy to see the white sands in addition to the beach in addition to the rocky cliffs, both of us were ready for a week of rest and relaxation.

Pat and I were both working difficult in addition to it was our first time off together in weeks. As soon as every one of us arrived, our 1st order of corporation was ordering some cannabis from one of the local pot shops. The people I was with and I were going to order delivery items, however the nearest pot shop was so close that every one of us decided to walk there. The air was warm, however the breeze was cool. Pat in addition to I walked into the building in addition to a nice security guard who greeted us at the front door; She took our ID in addition to all of our info. The people I was with and I waited a few minutes to go into the actual store. Once Pat decided to go into the dispensary, a budtender started talking to us about their products in addition to their wide selection. I had a couple of questions, in addition to the budtender had answers for them all. She was easily friendly,wise in addition to enthusiastic. Honestly, every one of us really bought more than every one of us normally would have, just because she was so fantastic at her task. Pat and I bought a few odd dispensary items for a week at the beach. Pat and I got a couple of disposable vape pens to use on the beach when it is windy in addition to Pat got some pre rolled marijuana cigarettes for days at home. Pat and I also purchased several odd marijuana edibles in addition to drinks. Pat and I even scored 20% off our entire purchase since it was our first time ordering from the cannabis store.

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