The lounge was wild

They were cursing as well as swearing as well as throwing punches as well as brutal kicks

This particular cannabis dispensary has been already open for numerous years, however the owner recently built a lounge off the side of the little building. I knew it was a enjoyable system as well as I thought our sales would likely be able to double if the room was nice enough. The lounge is really twice as giant as the associated pot shop. It’s an entirely nice area with multiple odd seating areas as well as TVs, video games, as well as cool board games. The cannabis dispensary is consistently tied up as well as the lounge very often has people inside. On weekends, both of us have a DJ that spins records out there as well as plays songs. Once a day both of us have specials, free giveaways as well as available sales for anyone in the she lounge. On Tuesday mornings, both of us stay open until around midnight, then not many days ago, numerous guys started fighting in the dispensary lounge. I was just resting in the office talking on the cellphone when the incident occurred. I suddenly heard one of the budtenders beginning yelling as well as I hung up the little cellphone as well as ran out of our office. I saw the numerous guys fist fighting on the damn floor. They were cursing as well as swearing as well as throwing punches as well as brutal kicks. They did not seem worried with the fact that they were in a business, but the security team kept both of the guys in the office until the police arrived to take care of the whole situation. I have no system how the argument started, however the chill cannabis dispensary as well as lounge is no venue for a boxing match.

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