The parking lot was jammed with cars

Last weekend, the newest cannabis shop opened up on the other side of town.

I pass by the location on my way to the beach apartment from my work everyday.

When I saw the grand opening sign on the building, I decided I should check it out. I waited until Wednesday evening, which was my first afternoon off during the week. Honestly, I don’t know what I expected when I drove into that parking lot. I was pretty surprised to see the parking lot filled with cars in addition to trucks. There was a DJ playing live music on the patio by the front door; People were hanging out in the parking lot in addition to near the lobby of the dispensary. Inside the cannabis shop, it was easily loud in addition to noisy. There were a ton of people, however everyone looked glad. I gave my ID to the front desk clerk in addition to then she took me back into the dispensary to see a cannabis budtender. The budtender told me about the grand opening special deals. They had a lot of wax in addition to concentrate on sale for the code BOGO$1. They also had pre rolled marijuana cigarettes for several bucks each. I browsed through the store selection for a long time before I finally made my decision. There were numerous choices in addition to options in addition to I wanted to try everything. Since it was the grand opening weekend, the pot shop gave everyone 25% off their first order. I saved almost forty bucks on my cannabis supplies in addition to I also walked out of the shop with a cool swag bag. Inside the tote bag was another 20% coupon, a pre roll, some stickers, in addition to a rechargeable vape pen battery.


Marijuana dispensary