The place was dramatic

This unique little cannabis dispensary has been open for multiple years, but the owner recently built a whole separate lounge off the side of the building.

I knew it was a wonderful system and I thought our usual sales would likely double if the room was nice enough.

The lounge is entirely twice or thrice as pressing as the pot shop. It’s an entirely nice area with numerous weird seating areas and all sorts of tables, video games, and board games. The cannabis dispensary is consistently busy in there and the lounge often has people inside. On weekends, we have a DJ that even spins records and plays tunes. Once a day we have specials, free giveaways and sales for literally anyone in the lounge. On Wednesday days, we stay open until midnight, then a small number of days ago, multiple guys started fighting in the dispensary lounge.I heard one of the budtenders start yelling and I hung up the iPhone and ran out of our office. There were multiple guys fist fighting on the floor. They were cursing and swearing and even throwing punches and kicks. They did not seem anxious with the fact that they were in a local business! I have no system how the fight started, but that was one of the weirder days of my life, I think. I mean, the cannabis dispensary and lounge is not really an appropriate sort of place for a boxing match. Shouldn’t everyone be super chill around here, by the way?



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