The sticky goop that won’t quit

I purchased a cannabis oil pen a couple of months ago.

I paid $29 for the battery, because I knew it was a wonderful product. My neighbor purchased the same exact battery and he still uses it after 2 years. The battery charges in a few hours and it stays charged for almost the entire day. I purchased a battery that takes 510 cartridges that you can get anywhere. The 510 battery cartridge threads are our number one, because there actually are so numerous companies that make this category cartridge. A friend of mine has another battery and the marijuana cartridges are almost $60 each for that battery. I can find one gram carts for $20 or $30 and they are genuinely high in THC and terpenes. I even purchased a 1 gram GrandMomdy Purple cartridge for our pen Last month when the local marijuana shop had a sale. All of the cartridges were 12% off, so I purchased an indica, sativa, and a hybrid. I had the cannabis oil pen in our pocket right away when I got into the car last week. I put the pen and the cartridge inside the little sunglasses holder in our truck. I totally forgot it was there until today. I noticed a sticky substance oozing on the outside of the sunglasses holder. When I opened the compartment, I saw the pen inside.The sticky oil was all over everything. It took myself and others an hour or two to scrub up all of the marijuana oil from our car and the sunglasses compartment.


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